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Welcome to Alan Doherty's Professional website

I don't mean professional looking {obviously}. I just mean relating to my professional life.

Whats here

My Network Consultancy related stuff

This is the bread and butter Raison d'être, for this site and for me generally.

So if you currently or ever need work done on your network have a read and give me a call, remember all prices are negotiable, especially for interesting work. Now working Fulltime for Sapient Security So if needing my expertiese you need to call them

I especially seek out difficult or never done stuff.

My most current contact details

If they ever change you will find out here first!

My Curriculum vitae / Resume information

In case your looking to hire {and its a good position for me} here you can find all versions/formats of my C.V.

My How-To's and other general Information on technical stuff

Ranging from how to setup system X, to thinly veiled rants about how you should never do Y type of common dumb mistake.

[New] My Web Site Hosting related pages

Moved what little content that was on to here and hope to soon expand on it.

[New] My Mail System related pages

Also moved what little content that was on to here and hope to soon expand on it.

this will cover both mail-hosing related content and content for those we spamfilter only {either here before their internal mailhost, or via a local copy of our mailservice they run on their own internal host}.

[Soon] My Dns Hosting/Registration Pages

Still regarded by most as combined with web or mailhosting, but in reality completly independant as we can do 1 or more of these entirly independantly like any ISP but unlike others with me doing the management, and you notifying me of changes and reasons in a timely way {24 hours before if possible} we can ensure, zero service outage, with pre-altered ttl's etc., and also unlike others we can host any dns record possible unlike most services which are limited to the functions within the GUI. examples include SRV records SPF records A records with multiple ip's WKS records and others,

Link to the XML sitemap

for bots and those bored enough to track changes/updates via a sitemap reading client.

Link to my personal site

Related to my personal life, music tastes, friends and other proffessionally unrelated stuff

And finally

For the truely bored the donegal news did a feature on me once and here it is in pdf form

Last updated July. 2010 Alan Doherty