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Alan Doherty's Contact Details

Important: due to current house re-build ATM emails should probaby be followed up with a phone call/sms to avoid delays

Important: to ensure I have all your contact details to hand all phone-calls should probably be followed up/preceeded with an e-mail, and all emails should include phone or other contact details

You people who call the land line number and don't give me enough time to run round the house to answer, and don't leave v-mail and don't have the decency to have your number available via 1471, are really becoming an annoyance

Phone Mobile:
+353-87-907-8286 temporarilly dead use +353 [0]87 9682684 till repaired
{phone to arrange as not ordinarily connected}
356 Clogher Road, Crumlin, Dublin 12, D12 HR64, Rep. of Ireland.
Lat 53.328429 lon -6.285692[Map]
linkedn: [deleted due to their attrocious abuse record]

you can e-mail me via the following roles

If our users are spamming/probing/attacking from our servers/if our users are spamvertising their websites {from anywhere} by any means SMS/email/blogspam/ICQ/msn/newsgroups whatever {and as all proof can be forged we won't give you the run around {that said we won't accept fishy evidence}} but will LART/suspend/block{but keep the domain} as appropriate. In cases of malware served from a users site {or other form of external to the user compromise} once verified we will immediatly block all traffic to site, delete the offending material {well archive for records} re-set all their authentication details {so further compromise twarted} then re-enable the clean site and inform the user/trace the hacker if poossible.

And for those of you Au fait with IM systems, NB: These are primarily personal use but I will accept buisness queries by any method

alan_ie : Text-Chat | Audio-Call | View-Profile | NB, due to unrelenting skype addme spam/spim DO NOT ADD ME! without prior contact, as this software will default auto-block/report all attempts to add me to your contacts unless I have turned it off beforehand Skype connection status -Contact actions require Skype client to be installed
ICQ Number:
17003438 : image changes to show online status
Jabber/Gtalk: {at} [not an e-mail address]
alan_ie {at} [not an e-mail address]
AOL Instant Messanger ID :
gothic ie [not an e-mail address]
Yahoo chat ID:
gothic_ie [not an e-mail address] Text-chat : image changes to show online status
MSN messenger:
alan_ie {at the usual place of warm mail ;) .com} [not an e-mail address]
Personal Website/blog:

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