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Alan Doherty's Cisco Configuration Hints, Tips and freebies

As I am a Network Consultant I have built up an extensive collection of usefull cisco configs and help files, and they are all eventually going to be available via this area of the website

As obviously a large amount of the paid work i do is correctly and securely configuring cisco routers. I cannot offer free support or assistance to users or other consultants in either use of these scripts or in safely customizing them. If you require help feel free to contact me, but only if you realize you will be charged for this consultancy

my most recent addition is the config for eircom* dsl with esat isdn backup its not polished but it works so far

eircom: indicates any bitsteam ADSL provider

the conditions for using/modifying any of these scripts is it must retain this line in the banner, referencing this site

banner motd %


Unauthorised use prohibited.
Last configured on <DATE> by <YOUR-NAME-OR-CONTACT-DETAILS> 3.01
for support please contact person above or go to


old scripts for can be downloaded in .zip format still

updated manual and version 3.01 scripts for all irish isp's comming soon

Last updated Jan. 2009 Alan Doherty