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Curriculum Vitae


NameAlan Doherty[PHOTO-if online]
Date of Birth09 /July /1973
E-Mailcurriculumvitae {at symbol} alandoherty {dot} net , (due to increased idiocy I am explicitly stating here, this address is for initial direct contact ONLY, it is NOT to be harvested/added to mailing lists/given to social networking sites(or any other 3rd parties)/etc.
Mobile+353 [0]87 9078286
Address356 Clogher Road, Crumlin, Dublin 12, Republic of Ireland
Phone+353 [0]1 4734914


I have experience of working on the following:
Operating SystemsLinux mainly redhat/Centos {command line & X-windows} O 5.2-7.3 EL 1-7, OS-X Workstations & Servers, All MS-Windows versions (right back to ms-dos) but recently-professionally with XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 2008 R2, 8,
Remote control/accessssh v1&2, vnc, PC anywhere, SecureRemote,v4 & v5 of cisco VPN Client
Mailinstallation/administration experience of a variety of SMTP/POP/IMAP servers, specificly MDaemon mail, MS-exchange server, Lotus notes smtp connector, Lotus CC-mail internet connector, sendmail {under linux, solaris and OS-X} & more recently a lot of instals and custom programming of exim dovecot {under linux}, Clearswift Mimesweeper, Barracuda mail, Ironport mail filter/archive, Fortimail MSA
proxiesinstallation/administration of a variety of proxy servers, specificly Avirt gateway, Wingate Proxy, MS-proxy server-MS-TMG, Squid for Linux
Web filtering URI filtering software such as WebSense both standalone MS-proxy, Squid-proxy & Firewall-1 versions, AV/Content systems such as MimeSweeper v3 & 4, Symantec Web Gateway, Barracuda Web Filter, Fortiguard
AV/securityMacAfee a/v and vshield {and associated incompatibilities}, Norton Anti-virus and auto-protect {and associated incompatibilities}, AVG antivirus, Tripwire, Clam AV
Network TopologiesNT-2012 Domain and Active Directory based (centralized authentication) {setup and administration, trust relationships, WINs/DNS, permission groups, dhcp etc.}, Tcp/IP based Dial up Network's for 95-2012, Tcp/IP based LAN's/WAN's/Intranets & carrier networks (leased line, ATM and isdn) highly redundant OSPF/BGP networks (Including complex Redundant Service Routing networks), Management of DNS & Bind (on both public & private networks}, and the Design/Administration of my own and several ISP's Primary DNS servers, and OSPF/BGP networks
Routers, switches & other devices
RoutersConfiguration of cisco 800,1000,1600,1700,2500,2600,3400,3600,4000,7200 & 7600 series' and H3c routers for use on wans/lans and internet connections, {ip mainly but some ipx & appletalk} {dialup isdn, dedicated leases line, frame relay and ATM ADSL & SDSL}, setup of access lists for security & dialup control, also familliar with 3com office connect series routers, netopia and zyxel routers & most other common brands, lots of experience troubleshooting isdn,adsl/atm & leased line setup issues, also Quagga and Zebra on hosts and Firewalls
SwitchesConfiguration of cisco catalist series', H3c and others, setup of vlans and multiple chained switch networks
Firewallsinstallation/administration of a variety of firewalls, recently GTA UTM, Sonicwall, Juniper, Fortigate, cisco pix/ASA firewalls, Checkpoint Firewall-1 v3, 4.x, NG & NG+AI on NT/2xxx linux and nokia and numerous personal firewall solutions
ScriptingHTML 4.01 & XHTML 1.0 & 1.1, CSS XSL, SSI, Javascript/ECMAScript, PHP, Bash, SED, AWK, PERL & Exim


UniversityUniversity of Ulster, Magee College, Northland Road, Derry, N.Ireland10/91 - 08/95
SecondaryCarndonagh Community School, Carndonagh, Co. Donegal, Rep. of Ireland09/85 - 06/91

QUALIFICATIONS / Courses attended

2001Entercept Technical training Courcecompleted
2001CCSA - Check Point Certified Security Administrator - exampassed
2000BSCN - Building Scalable Cisco Networkscompleted
2000ICND - Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices - coursecompleted
2000Mimesweeper Administration Training - coursecompleted
2000RH300-TP6.2 Red hat certified engineer training - coursecompleted
2000ACRC - Advanced Cisco Router Configuration - course - discontinuedcompleted
1999Checkpoint Firewall-1 Administration - coursecompleted
1999ICRC - Introduction to Cisco Router Configuration - course - discontinuedcompleted
1999Axent Raptor Certification course & examcompleted/passed
1995BSc Applied Computing (Honours)
1991Leaving Certificate


11/2011-presentChief Security Officer : Sapient Security
80 Haddington Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Rep. of Ireland
04/2010-11/2011Senior Systems and Network Engineer : Kerna Communications
105, Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2, Rep. of Ireland
11/2001-04/2010Security Architect/Network Consultant/System Admin : Self Employed - contractor
356 Clogher Road, Crumlin, Dublin 12, Rep. of Ireland
06/2001-11/2001Security Architect : Internetworking Strategies (Ireland) Ltd {out of buisness}
Unit 36, Beechwood Close, Bray, County Wicklow
12/1998-05/2001Senior Technical Consultant : Esat Net
4 Westland Square, Dublin 2/ Unit 2, Dundrum Buisness Park, Dundrum,
03/1999-Present{unpaid/volenteer}System Administrator : The Irish Gothic Society's web/mail & dns servers {also hosting several privatly held domains}
07/1998-12/1998Technical Consultant : Esat Net {ex Eunet Ireland}
4 Westland Square, Dublin 2/ Unit 2, Dundrum Buisness Park, Dundrum,
10/1997-07/19982nd Level Support Technician : Eunet Ireland
4 Westland Square, Dublin 2


I was given 'special' access to the computers in Carndonagh School, while still a student there. This involved the job of testing and installing new software on the school's new computer system and preparing lists of operating instructions for the other students. {We were Irelands first IBM compatable PC equiped school previous systems had always been based on Apple IIe systems} I also as a hobby tailored some software to work in the new network & gem environment. After a few months of this work, I became so familiar with the system that teachers would call me out of class to help if they were experiencing any problems with the system.
I also was one of only three students allowed access to the modems and was given access passwords for our local Eirpac node {frame relay pad} from here we were able to place a connection to any other Eirpac connected computer, we were set up with a shell account on one of Dublin City University's Vax systems as a user of the D.C.U. VAX you could then gain access to E-mail and Information Systems such as Prestel Campus 2000 and ECHO. {at this stage ip was not in common use}

While I was at Magee College I saw the gradual change from the old Coloured Book Protocols to the now common bind/dns & ip based naming/connection conventions, I was able to access ftp & gopher sites, bulliten boards, M.U.D.'s and a host of other pre web Information Systems {now hardly used}.
With the introduction of HTTP/HTML I was able to access information available on the World Wide Web and have even helped with the construction of Students Home Pages. I also developed an interest in the emergence of security issues such as network problems and anti-virus strategies. After several widespread infections, I started keeping up to date a/v software from MacAfee, Norton, Dr. Solomon etc. and started fixing and reporting viruses undetected by the university's system, such as the first infection by the famous 'jack the ripper' virus. I also for cash fitted friend's parents' systems with c.r.c. based software {alteration detection}.

After graduating in November 96 I started working as a product support rep. with Stream International which involved installing and setting up Tcp/ip, ppp internet & terminal dial up connections on a range of computer/modem types from Psion organizers to pentiums/power Macintoshes also instruction of users in use of software, E-Mail protocols such as UUencoding, HTML, Pop3, ASCII & Nisa , MIME types, HMI. Also I was involved in the administration & control of user's access and billing {where applicable} for a few months to get a better picture of the non technical side of the administration of a computer network. During my time with Stream I was also selected to be part of a group sent to the U.S. for two 3 month training courses in network systems and windows 95/NT. Also I was involved in course on resolving printer issues, incompatibilities troubleshooting steps, network related issues.

While working with EUnet/Esat Net, in a support position I gained greater insight into the operation of DNS, smtp, proxies & firewalls and many other setup/diagnostic/resolution issues with a wide range of systems, as well as internetnetworking technically incompatable systems. I've also dealt with some of the 'politics' involved with dealing with other isp's / internic {& IEDR for .ie domains}, and I've had the experience of working directly with many IT managers in many large organisations, this has given me great insights into the uses and applications that buisness want/ need & can take advantage of.

Also I have been involved in the setup and management of a .ie domain and have been managing the Primary DNS server myself, also the web, mail and the other servers for the domain, this has been a huge learning experience as it was my first opportunity to install & administer Live Linux Based systems from start to completion.

when working as a Senior Technical consultant for the Network Services group within esat net. I was involved in recomending solutions for customer internet connectivity/security needs, and then implementing (and troubleshooting should problems arise later) these solutions. Also I was regularily involved in troubleshooting and diagnosis of problems with 3rd pary setups, where either the 3rd party is unable or unwilling to provide support to the customer with the problems they experience when trying to configure the system to connect to us(esat net). Typical cases would be, troubleshooting ISDN line connections being brought up {to often} by misconfigured nt services/desktop machines, Limiting access to open mail relays on customer sites with mis-configured mail servers, Setting up firewalls / proxies /mail-servers/ viruswalls etc., Configuring cisco routers for leased-line & ISDN ip based wans and internet connections, also any 'never seen before' problems/systems I was normally the Technician sent out.

While working as a Security Architect for Internetworking Strategies (Ireland) Ltd. I was involved in all my previous duties with more of an emphasis on security and security auditing {including penetration testing, OS hardening etc.}

while self employed was involved more with custom solution, ssh based remote control/configuration/repair, systems that mail alert customers and myself of any possible intrusions/alterations/anomalies etc. mainly for more secure firewall-1, mailserver & webserver implementaions, this lowers support costs for the customer and increases their confidence in their security. Also running diagnostics such as penetration tests site and system auditing, troubleshooting network issues, setting up vpns {from wan mesh's to client server remote access vpn's}. Occasionally designing/reccomending/setting up systems in conjunction with customer IT staff so as to train them in the instalation/maintenance of further similar sytems. and a large amount of time on cleanup/troubleshooting of other companies installs that are underperforming/failing which often involves dealing with systems that i'm not familiar with but as the basics are always there i've had no failures so far except when the systems were clearly functionly incapable or implementation incompatible such as firewalls with no site to site vpn functionality etc. related work involves analisis and preperation of reports outlying why such systems were non-functional {innappropriatly supplied} to aid customers to get the re-funds they deserve.

While working in kerna, I was doing mainly support/instalation/troubleshooting of remotely managed systems, (firewalls,routers,switches and application servers), networks ranged from small to enterprise wans.

Now while working in sapient security I continue to work in most of the fields above with a primary focus on secutity then resiliance to failure, both in design and in implementation, also when brought in to troubleshoot/redesign/rebuild failing/aging systems. we work closely with our customers and partners to ensure that in providing the solution they want we also ensure the systems are as secure/resiliant as permissable (an often neglected aspect by our peers).

Other Details/Interests

My interests include Computing (mainly Communications, e.g. Linux sytem configuration, W.W.W. HTML Authoring,) TV/Video/Films, Reading, Music, Art, Travelling, Hill walking / Hitch hiking, Swimming & Cycling


Mr. Jonathan G. Campbell (Lecturer)Mr. James Mc Devitt (Consultant)Mr. Ciaran Raftery
Magee CollegeStream International N.I.Esat Net
10 Aberfoyle Crescent, Derry, N. IrelandScience & Technology Park, Buncrana Rd., Derry, N.Ireland{available on request}
+44 [0] 1504 266125+44 [0] 1504 303437{available on request}

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